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InFocus Screen Play SP8600
Pris: DKK 13.990,00

Vægt: 6000 gram

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Klik på billedet, for at se et større billede
Klik på billedet, for at se et større billede
Full 1080p (1920 × 1080) resolution

Bring the movie experience into your home with the powerful and affordable
InFocus SP8600 home theatre projector.

Show your favourite high definition movies, sports and programmes on the
big screen in full 1080p resolution. The InFocus SP8600's high brightness,
solid contrast and accurate, well-saturated colour provide a picture with great
depth and clarity even in rooms with ambient light.
To top it off, the SP8600 won't break the bank. It is our most affordable home
theatre projector and includes a long-life lamp that will extend your savings
even further. And, because this is a DLP® projector, there are no filters to
clean or replace.
Powerful HD Projection that's
Easy to Bring Home
Hight brightness

The InFocus SP8600 shines an incredible 1800 lumens so it is great
for movies in the evening, sports in the afternoon and video games at
any time. This high brightness is enough to power a 3.8-metre
diagonal screen and produce the best balance of brightness, colour
and depth based on the ambient light in your room.
Detail and depth

The InFocus SP8600's 5000:1 maximum contrast and DLP DarkChipT
technology produces a picture with great dynamic range and plenty of
snap and sparkle that you'll be proud to show off to your friends.
Adjust the colour to your needs
Get saturated and vibrant colours even with the lights on thanks to
the SP8600's 6-segment colour wheel, high brightness and
1.07-billion colour range. Plus, you can adjust the colours to best suit
your room, your tastes and what you display with versatile colour
adjustment controls.
1080p resolution
Your favourite movies, sports and programmes will look better than
ever and larger than life in full native 1080p resolution (16:9 aspect

Big Screen HD
Big screen for little money
Bring the movie theatre experience into your home at a price you can
afford with the SP8600. Plus, it's small and light enough that you can
choose to install it on the ceiling or bring it out for special events and
place it on a table or shelf.
Long-life lamp
The InFocus SP8600's lamp has a rated lamp life of 5000 hours in Eco
Mode (3000 hours in standard mode). That would cover over 2000
movies! That's a long time, which means it could be several years
before you'll need to buy a new lamp.
Connectivity you expect
The SP8600 offers a complete range of digital and analogue
connectivity, including 2 HDMI 1.3 ports, component, S-video, VGA
and composite. It also has a VGA port so you can watch video directly
from your PC.
Control it your way
Use the RS232 port to easily integrate the SP8600 to your home
theatre room control system such as Crestron, AMX, Control4 and
others. Also, its 12v screen trigger will automatically lower your
projection screen when you turn on the projector.
Affordable and Flexible
Key Features
 Full 1080p (1920 × 1080) resolution
 1800 lumens and 5000:1 contrast ratio for great images even in ambient light
 Long lamp life that saves you money
 Very quiet so to not distract from your viewing experience
 Many ways to connect, including HDMI 1.3, component and VGA
 RS232 port to integrate into your home theatre room system

InFocus_SP8600 (190 kb)

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