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Chario Syntar 516 > Produkter og priser > Chario højttalere - Human Naturalness  |  Tip en ven
Pris: DKK 5.950,00

Vægt: 14000 gram

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Italiensk High End i ægte træ, mange typer finish, prisen er for et sæt

Low frequency load Vented NRS
Configuration 2 Way
Drivers 1 tweeter 27 mm Silversoft Neodimium
1 woofer 160 mm Polymeric Double Flex
Sensitivity 89 dB SPL
Frequency @-3dB 55 - 20000 Hz
Xover frequency 1380 Hz
Rated impedance 4 Ω
Altezza 365 mm
Larghezza 190 mm
Profondità 310 mm
Peso 7 Kg


The cabinets of all Chario Syntar series models are made of a composite material called HDF veneered with real wood of four different types of wood, Walnut, Cherry, Wenge, Ash. HDF means HIGH DENSITY FIBERBOARD and it is a compound at high density that is obtained by the pulverisation of wood shavings that are cemented with resin and pressed. The agglomeration that results is very suitable for the purpose because the resonance values are extremely low. And being perfectly homogeneous lends itself very well to the necessary work to transform it into cabinet for loudspeakers. The panels that compose the speakers, before being processed with the numerically controlled milling machines, are veneer on both faces in order to maintain balanced traction generated by adhesives. The double veneer also has the advantage to further reduce unwanted vibration of each panel that compose the speaker. In order to have the two speakers that compose the pair, as similar as possible the wood is selected and numbered. Not a simple operation that requires considerable experience
The production cycle of the cabinets of Syntar series begins with the selection of the HDF plates that will be applied. Density, weight and thickness should be carefully checked before proceeding. Similarly it also selects the parts of real wood veneer with the grain pattern as similar as possible to compose a pair of speakers. The parts are numbered and we proceed to ennoble HDF plates. The procedure consists in spreading the glue on both faces of the HDF plate, in order to make uniform and regular as possible, applying the wood sheets and insert the sandwich obtained in the press. For best results you need the constant temperature control of bonding, as well as the level of humidity in the room. After this phase, the panels are ready to be properly cutted and shaped by numerically controlled milling machines. First the cuts are made to 45 degrees, then all the millings for housings drivers, then the holes for inserts the magnet support of the front-grid and female screws for decouplers rubber feet and, in the case of floor-standing models, for fixing the supporting base . After all the automatic operations, the operator checks the result and with the help of file and sand paper eliminates any manufacturing residue. After this phase all the panels that compose the cabinet are ready to be assembled. The assembly operation of the cabinet is carried entirely by hand: the two employees uniformly distribute the glue on all parts of the panels to be bonded, and then assemble the entire speaker. It is a task that requires experience and attention, and concludes with the caging in elastic belts. The speaker, so caged, rest for 24 hours, the time required for drying of the glue.
The next phase is still entirely manual, the whole cabinet is smooth with sandpaper very thin in order to soften the edges too sharp. The next step is varnishing. This is entirely by hand in special booths circulation of water and mechanical ventilation. It 'important that the painter has the "Golden Fingers" that has all the necessary experience, the spray distance, the speed of the passages, the regularity in the distribution of the varnish .. is not an exaggeration to consider a great painter as a true artist! The varnishing are well 4, the first and the fourth serve to maintain the finish unchanged over time meanwhile during the second and the third the cabinet is carefully polished to remove the imperfections. After varnished the cabinet rests for at least 6 days, then go to the assembly laboratory. All the drivers, came off the assembly line, are thoroughly tested before being mounted on the speaker. Then proceed to the insertion of binding post, the positioning of the crossovers, the fixing of the drivers. At the end of the assembly operations, the conveyor belt places each speaker in a control chamber in which the worker performs all the tests of control and parameters verification such as frequency response, impedance modulus & argument. If all parameters are included in the special tolerance masks of 1.5 dB, the speaker is ok and go to the packaging department.

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