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Bel Canto e.One DAC-3 > Produkter og priser > Bel Canto > Bel Canto Forforstærkere  |  Tip en ven
Pris: DKK 19.990,00
Tilbud: DKK 16.990,00

Vægt: 8500 gram

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e.One Dac3 DAC/Preamplifier with Ultra-Clock™ Technology

The Dac3 fulfills the original promise of digital music reproduction. It surpasses previous expectations of digital music quality. This performance results from a unique combination of design techniques, new technologies and the superb stability of our new Ultra-Clock: making the Dac3 a one of a kind product in the market.
The surpassing musical performance rests on the solid foundation of the Ultra-ClockT, a clock with performance found previously only from separate Master Clock products. The Ultra-ClockT provides jitter performance 50x better than other clocks. Specifications of 1 picoseconds RMS and frequency accuracy of 0.0001% define new benchmarks in clock stability. This Ultra-ClockT allows the Dac3 to reproduce music with new levels dynamic expression and accuracy of timbre. Your music communicates as never before, recalling the best of analog music reproduction, without the limitations of either analog or other digital technologies. The Ultra-ClockT works in concert with every detail of the Dac3's design to achieve a new level of musical realism:
Digital input isolation and switching
Multi-Stage Jitter rejection
Linear Phase Digital filters
Low noise Digital to Analog conversion
Class A Analog output stage Current to Voltage conversion and analog filtering
Class A Analog output buffer to drive the preamplifier or amplifier stage
The Dac3 has been optimized to provide the highest level of performance for all of these critical functions. It can provide digital preamplifier as well as D/A conversion and bridge from traditional CD or DVD player sources and from the isolated USB input for computer music playback sources. The Dac3 has 5 digital inputs:
AES with transformer coupled input for high common-mode noise rejection in professional environments.
Transformer isolated SPDIF RCA input.
Transformer Isolated SPDIF BNC input.
Wide bandwidth TOSLINK input for versatile interface to consumer grade equipment.
USB input with galvanic isolation for optimized connection to a computer based music source with ground and power isolation between the computer platform and the audio system.
All digital input sources experience 2 jitter rejection stages, one analog PLL stage at the SPDIF input and a second digital PLL stage at the Sample Rate conversion/filter stage. The new algorithm's 170 dB of digital dynamic range insures a totally transparent conversion to 24/192 data rate for the final DAC processing. The Ultra-ClockT used for the D/A conversion is located at the output of the sample rate conversion stage. The USB input goes through a 3rd de-jitter stage to insure optimum playback from computer based sources.
The PCM1792 dual-differential multi-bit delta-sigma DAC circuit achieves remarkable analog performance. The 4.5VRMS true balanced XLR outputs provide nearly 130dB of dynamic range. The noise floor of this DAC/processor is so low and so clean that the Dac3 is optimally used as a complete DAC/Preamplifier with a digital level control. Because of dither applied to the 24bit word there is no loss of effective resolution. The application of optimized dither insures that the analog output noise floor maintains a clean sound, devoid of any a-musical tones or artifacts. In a system with digital sources the Dac3 can provide an optimum solution with the addition of one of the Bel Canto e.One amplifier products, eliminating the analog preamplifier.
Dac3 Design Features:
Ultra-wideband, Class A biased, true balanced output buffer stage with selected audio grade resistors
Ultra-wideband, Class A biased, I/V conversion stage with selected audio grade resistors and capacitors with a single pole RC filter
100 dB of digital level control in accurate 0.5 dB steps
Dual low noise toroid power transformers for digital and analog stages
10 power regulation stages with ultra-wideband, low noise audio stage regulation
4-layer board design for optimized ground, signal and power routing
Extremely short analog signal path with no switch contacts
DC coupled design with no signal path capacitors
The Dac3 transcends the expected performance from all of your digital audio sources. Providing the functionality of 3 separate audio products: DAC, Master Clock, Preamplifier in one product. The Dac3 provides value rivaled only by its performance.
Hear it today and rediscover your music library.

e.One Dac3 DAC/Preamplifier with Ultra-Clock™ Technology
Dac3 White Paper

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